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BERCOMAC is a family business which excels in the manufacturing of accessories for tractors, from the smaller garden models to the larger agricultural types as well as for various recreational vehicles. We design, develop fabricate and distribute our products through these distinct networks:

  • Through our authorized dealers as well as in big box stores throughout Canada and the United States under the “Berco” brand name.
  • Through our distributors in certain Scandinavian countries who are offering our products to the northern portion of Europe also under the “Berco” brand.
  • Through numerous prestigious brand names which we supply our products under an Original Equipment Manufacturer basis (known as OEM).

Our Mission

By our expertise, be the partner of choice by transforming chores into moments of pleasure.

Our Vision

Ensuring accessibility to our products which know no boundaries.

The Berco Experience

  • We hope that your experience with the products as well as with the service offered will be a pleasant and satisfying one. Our goal: to make chores fun.
  • Our continued growth is the proof of our determination to accomplish our mission but above all is a testimonial to our dedication to our clients.
  • We invite you to try the Berco experience, and for those who have savored this pleasure, we thank you sincerely, because it is your confidence that allows us to grow.



Bercomac, our humble beginings…

Bertrand Vachon, one of the founders was always passionate about developing tools or equipment to facilitate chores for the end users.

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Mr. Vachon who is free from his principal occupation, offers to his wife, Mrs. Louiselle Roy Vachon, his oldest daughter Mrs. Sylvie Vachon and her husband Mr. Alain Acteau, to join him to reactivate Bercomac Limitée’s activities

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That same year, Mr Hazen Sherry, a long time acquaintance of Mr. Vachon, who was with AYP (American Yard Products) contacted Mr. Vachon for a new project.

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The company continued with this project for 3 years while adding other products...


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So it was decided upon that each partner would play a specific role: Mr. Vachon would design the products, Mr. Acteau would fabricate the jigs and other tooling required to build the products, Mrs. Vachon would supervise the chain of supplies and Mr. Vachon’s daughter Sylvie would be in charge of marketing.

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A new concept called ‘’Industrial Motel’’ allowing to rent premises in St. Méthode de Frontenac (now named Adstock). The choice was made on this small active and involved municipality. It is also well situated, close to most of the suppliers and sub-contractors.


The company buys the premises they are using.


A section is added to the factory to facilitate better handling of the products.


The company has a warehouse built to gain more storage space.


Mrs. Roy Vachon steps down to take an active and well deserved retirement. She, therefore, gains the title of the company’s first retired person. Mr. Vachon who is also thinking about modifying his activities, passes on the responsibilities of General Manager to M. Alain Acteau. This way, he can devote himself to what he loves the most………developing new products!


80% of its products are winter accessories therefore Bercomac tries to diversify by increasing the development of spring products. Among others, the first log loader specifically designed for ATVs, entirely made of aluminum.

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Space becomes more and more restricted on the production floor, in the storage warehouse and even in the offices but there isn’t any possibility to expand on the actual premises so new facilities are built.


In fact, operations started in the new premises on January 5, 2005. The building that served as a warehouse was moved and converted separately from the main building to install our Research and Development center.

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The company concludes deals with Swedish and Norwegian distributors to assure the accessibility of the products for ATVs and UTVs in Scandinavia.


The natural evolution of their product line leads the company towards the development of accessories for the Compact and Sub-compact tractor market.

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Wanting to continue the development of spring products, the company adds 2 new products...

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Bercomac is very fortunate to be able to increase business every year for winter products but there were some slower periods in production which needed to be filled in order to keep our staff busy on a yearly basis.

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Our beautiful story continues…


To ensure the longevity of the enterprise, it was time to take steps to secure the participation of future replacements of the heads of the company. With this in mind, a young team was prepared with the assistance of: Sebastien Acteau, (son of Sylvie and Alain) Guillaume Labbé, (director of the Research and Development department) and Geneviève Acteau (daughter of Sylvie and Alain). Sebastien and Guillaume have already been fully implicated in the company for a number of years. Most of all, this young team holds dearly the values and culture of the enterprise. This agglomoration of experienced administrators along with fresh and innovative newer members will reinforce the foundation of Bercomac. 


Passing down of the torch.

Having put much time and effort in preparing him for this position, it is with great pride that the torch of the company has been handed down to the 3rd generation of family members. Sebastien Acteau, son of Sylvie Vachon and Alain Acteau has taken the reigns as CEO as of December 2019.

Sebastien, like many offsprings of entrepreneurs, has been working for the company since his early teens, dabbling in many different tasks such as different positions on the production line as well as working in the office. He has been full time with Bercomac for 12 years now and has fulfilled many different positions such as director of quality as well as the director of IT. He also is the director of Mahindra Canada East, a distribution center which assembles and distributes the Mahindra tractors to the Canadian dealers.

To accommodate the evergrowing operations of the company, Mr. Guillaume Labbé, has been entrusted with the quality control/continuous improvement responsibilities. In conjuncture with his role as director of the R&D, his natural ability for improvement, not only for products but also for procedures, his implication is an important step towards the expansions this company striving to achieve.

For his part, Mr. Alain Acteau continues to be implicated part-time, assisting in continuous improvement projects with various departments.