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64" 3 Point Hitch Berco Mistral Snowblower

Starting at $4,000.00
700980-Manuel 700980-Elect 700980-Hyd

The Berco "MIstral" snowblowers have been designed to meet market demand for light duty use while getting the performance and reliability Berco products have to offer.  3 point hitch snowblowers includes a choice of manual chute rotation & deflector, electric chute & electric deflector or hydraulic rotation with a possibility of converting the manual deflector to electric.  With your Berco snowblower, you will have peace of mind, exceptional power and minimal maintenance.

You may now enjoy Berco’s performance et reliability while clearing your driveway!

Prices & specifications are subject to change without prior notice. If applicable: taxes, freight and installation fees are not included.  

For tractors with PTO from 18 to 40 hp, with 3-point hitch category 1

For years and years of pleasure!

Built for light duty use, it is sturdy.  Its simplified mechanism and ultra-reliable makes this Berco snowblower a product of choice.  The housing is reinforced to reduce damage in case of frontal or lateral collision.

Maintenance is reduced to a minimum

The gear box requires no maintenance, only lubrificating the chain periodically will be adequate.  Includes a self-adjusting chain tensioner to avoid frequent adjustments.

Well equipped

You have a choice of;

  • Manual chute rotation & deflector kit
  • Electric chute rotation & deflector kit
  • Hydraulic chute rotation & manual deflector

Easy and quick install

The parking stand allows adjustment to the height of the snowblower and the 3-point hitch is installed with 3 clips

Tag_qualite_garantie_ANGWarranty: Residential use 2 years 


1. Choice of chute rotation/deflector: manual, electric or hydraulic rotation with manual deflector

2. Housing: Body: 12 gauge  Side panels: 10 gauge by 8" deep.

3. Chain Tensioner: Selft adjusting, no maintenance.

4. Scraper bar: Reversible 3/8" thick by 3" wide.

5. Auger: 16" diameter with stabilizer.

6. Impeller: 4 blades, 22" diameter.

7. Skid shoes: Adjustable and replaceable.

8. Parking stand: Adjustable. For storage purposes, will also assist in the installation.

9. Category 1 hitch: Top link pin is 3/4" diameter. Lift arm pins are 7/8" diameter. Quick hitch compatible.

10. Reduction: 2:66 to 1


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