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Vantage 72" Snowblower

Starting at $7,990.00
700513-22H 700513-25K

UTV 72" Vantage Berco Snowblower  Universal Mount on most UTV's. Comes with the engine of your choice between a 22HP Honda or a 25HP Kohler and is also equiped with the electric chute and rotation kit that allows you to have the control from the comfort of your seat. Designed for UTV's, this snowblower is perfect for semi-commercial application.   Prices & specifications are subject to change without prior notice. If applicable: taxes, freight and installation fees are not included

72" Vantage Snowblower With 22HP Honda If applicable: taxes, freight and installation fees are not included

72" Vantage Snowblower With 25HP Kohler If applicable: taxes, freight and installation fees are not included

Universal Mount Vantage 66″ Snowblower for UTV

Requires 2″ rear ball hitch and winch (1000 lbs or more)

Universal Mount

  • Hooks on or off in less than 5 minutes: The mounting system goes underneath the UTV and goes all the way to the rear to hook up on the tow hitch.  It is adjustable for different lengths of UTV's.  It hooks up to the front axles with chains.  It's simple and quick


  • Choice of engines between a 22 HP by Honda or a 25 HP by Kohler, both with electric start.
  • Heavy duty gear box assuring performance in any type of snow, requires no maintenance.
  • Powerful saw tooth auger will slice through and break up the snow much easier than the standard auger.
  • 4 blade impeller turning at a high speed throws the snow to further distances.
  • Electromagnetic clutch for an instantaneous engagement.
  • Certified EPA

Electric Controls

  • Electrically controls the chute rotation and deflector adjustment
  • Engages the snowblower
  • Emergency shut down
  • Electric lift (uses the winch of the vehicle)


  • The subframe extension is required when the measurements from the furthest point in the front of the vehicle to the rear ball hitch is Longer than 126″. Does not fit on vehicles longer than 158".

Tag_qualite_garantie_ANG Warranty  Residential, Semi-Commercial: 1 year Commercial, Professional or Rental Use : 90 days

IMG_2264 Deflector & Chute: Controlled electrically with joystick from the driver's seat.

Impeller: 17", 4 blades High RPM fan throws snow to amazing distances.

Auger: Saw tooth 3/16" steel. Aggressive saw tooth auger slices with ease through any type of snow.

Gear Box: Oil bath, maintenance free. Sealed heavy duty gear box assures performance in any type of snow removal conditions.

Housing: 3/16", 10 & 16 gauge steel Steel fabrication for durability. Reinforced with a double layered housing to help avoid damage when solid objects are hit accidentally.

Skid Shoes: Heavy Duty.  Allows the snowblower to glide well over different terrains. Adjustable to lift the snowblower off the ground to avoid picking up gravel etc and also protects the base of the snowblower.

Gas tank Kit: EPA Approved. A 5 gallon container including installation rack and hosing.

Steel Scraper Bar: 3" wide is reversible.  Protects the base of the snowblower. Once worn out can be unbolted, flipped over and re-bolted for a double life span.

Motors: 2 choices of motors / electric starter

  • 25 HP "Kohler" with a de-icing unit for winter use. 2 year warranty through "Kohler".
  • 22 HP "Honda" built for winter condition. 3 year warranty through "Honda".

Rear View: Quick Hook up

  • Rear hitch: extendible frame hooks up to the rear ball hitch.
  • Chains with straps or brackets (brackets stay on permanently) attach to the front axles.
  • Dolly wheel frame supports the weight of the snowblower when raised so there is no added weight to the vehicle


Dimensions: 72"x 25"  Weight: 760lb


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